Agapanthus (African Lily) are native to South Africa but can be found naturalised in lots of other 'sunny' countries. They are summer flowering perennials, producing very striking flowers on tall stems with strappy leaves. Agapanthus thrive in a well-drained soil that is not too dry but once the roots become established, agapanthus can be quite drought tolerant. Full sun is required for good flowering.

Agapanthus are one of those plants that look great planted in a mixed border with other herbaceous plants such as ornamental grasses, Kniphofia or Achillea, or simply on their own as potted specimens. They are architectural and elegant and they are really are very simple to look after. We stock a select range of Agapanthus that we choose for their different merits, i.e. flower, height, evergreen or deciduous. There is always the right African lily for the right spot in the garden.

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