Lou's Poo - Dried Alpaca Fertiliser

Well Balanced and Slow Release
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 Dried Alpaca Fertiliser - 400 g

100% Natural Gardening

Lightweight, yet powerful and sweet smelling

Resealable bag

Makes a fun gift!

Customer Feedback

Lou's Poo is a dried Alpaca fertiliser supplied in 400g packs. It's a slow release nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium fertiliser with a N-P-K rating of: 2.5 - 2 - 1. It's sweet smelling, lightweight and powerful - use just a tablespoon in your indoor or outdoor pots or straight in to the soil, either in to the planting hole or forked in to the border around your chosen plant. One bag will contain enough for 20 feeds. It gives us great results in the nursery so we thought we would pass it on to you.

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